My hands disapear! Help!

I have a problem with my hands that are holding a gun in a first person shooter. The problem is that whenever I play my reload anamation in that GE the left hand dissapears! :-?
here is the blender file…
Press R for the reload anamation and LMB for the fire anamation.

Anyone with the slightest idea on how this happens and how it can be prevented would be very much appreciated.

I’ve seen issues with the decision not to draw objects because they are off screen before, but nothing this bad [and nothing without armatures]

it’s probably because the empty “Arms Handle” is placed behind the camera, but moving it forward might require you fix your animation…

Thank you for your reply!
The actual reason for the “arm handle” is so you could move it around without disturbing the anamation. It makes the anamations play in it’s local space rather than global. Indeed I have tried to fix it by moving it around abit but it still doesn’t seem to work. Also, if it was the fulstrum culling that is making this happen how would I prevent it?

I have actualy fooled around with it for som time and have no solution. If in camera mode you zoom out it will include more objects but less if you zoom in.

Is there some magical python function that can save my worthless efforts or is all lost?!?

you will have to move the two empties, and change your anmiation accordingly

no, there is no such magical python function
[that I know of, but I doubt it would be there anyway]

Two empties? There is only one. I counted.

ur the invisibleman then… u have special powers to make urself invisible. :wink:

I wish this was true sometimes…especialy when people come to me and make bad puns/jokes. :smiley:
Anyway thank you all for your help.