My hands seem to be pinned in place?

As the title really, I’m following the Blender Cookie tutorial on character rigging and all is well, everything is connected and moves apart from my hands? They are just pinned in place and disconnect when the rest of the rig is manupatied. I have attached the .blend file for you to see.


Body Basemesh.blend (746 KB)

Try removing the IK constraints from the arm bones. The forearm could have an IK, but you would have to disconnect the hand and make the hand the IK target. The elbow bones are the “pole targets” not the targets. The left hand isn’t weight painted right now - select it then select the mesh and go into weight paint and paint it.

I believe he means the mesh, Kauranga. The IK fine. Jeimuzu the problem is in the name of the vertex group. The name of a deforming vertex group needs the exact same name of the bone that deforms it. That means letter case too. In this case the bone is named hand.L and the vertex group is named Hand.L so you need to fix either the bone name or the vertex group name to match its partner.

Excellent, thanks for the replies, adjusting the name to be an exact match resolved the issue.

One more question (of many I’m sure) is my rig on a different model now. When I apply the rig to the mesh the pants get thrown all out of shape as does the bottom of the body. I sure I’m missing something but if you could take a look and let me know what I am doing wrong.