My HDRI lighitng does not work in final render but view port

Hey guys, my HDRI lighting does not show up in the final render, but it works fine in the viewport, I am confused and never encounter this before. can anyone help me?

Here is the rendering setting

Scene Setting

It looks like you have the roof hidden in the viewport, but visible in the final render, thus blocking the HDRI lighting from coming into the room.

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Thanks… it took me 20 mins, i am so dump.
I didn’t know the final render would render objects thats been hidden.

If this is for real interior shot, and it “works” because the ceiling is missing - something is wrongly setup with the scene. I would never take away a ceiling to get more light in. Unless you’re displaying a “display model”, in which case I would not let “sunlight” enter the scene.

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i just wanna test the HDRI lighting, since no window in this scence make me hard to setup light(since i c cannot use HDRI light)