My head is finally finished! Kinda... Take a gander!

Here I have finished this head semi-completely. No hair, but that’s because my PC’s too slow. I wanted to finish this before I gave up on it. I’m trying to stop stopping so much.

I call this one: Beautiful. (Without the period)(And that)(And that)(And that)(And that)(And that)(And that)(And that)(And that)(And that)

Decided I didn’t like the eyes, so I made a new one.

Here it is in action.


If you wanna know how I made the eye, just say so.

I want to know it xDDDD

thanks in advance.


It’s not bad, I think the shape needs a bit more work. If you do decide to work on it some more, the eyes are a bit big and oddly shaped, and are not set back into the head at all. If you look at a real head, notice that the eyes and eye sockets are set back a bit.

The lip also looks weird, it looks like you just used a color instead of modelling a lip.

The lips are there, just a lot smaller than the red section of the map. I would call it a day with this one if I were you. I’m not passing judgement on the model itself, I’m just saying that a fresh start will give you some encouragement to go even further. Plus you’ll have the experience you gained from doing this one, to add to the next. I’ve done dozens of heads - and I learn something new every time…

Follow tutorial:

But on the uv mapping, make a picture more like this:

Try not to get the veins as close as I did. Make a UVsphere 16 segs by 16 rings, in front view (it’s easiest in to texture in front view), put the textures as flat, and make the measurements likewise. If you make one, post it here. I’d like to see it.

Oh, and your welcome.

Here’s an EYE map that I made in PaintShop Pro. You are more than welcome to use it.

You may need to modify it, being that it is currently setup for my project’s UVmapping.

Looks really good. Kind of an exotic style. The eyes seem a bit wide. If I recall, the general rule-of-thumb is that the eyes should be as wide as the distance between them, and their centers should be roughly 1/2 the distance between the center of the face and the ears when viewed orthographically from the front. But that’s purely from memory from a “how-to-draw” book I read like 15 years ago, so I could be totally wrong…