My head is spinning

Hi, I’m working my way through the BlenderWiki User’s manual and have come across a problem with the lathe tool: Spin in Modelling>Basic Mesh Modelling>Spin and Spin Dup.

Maybe I’ve followed the steps incorrectly, but when I create a curve to spin, the button palettes I get are:

Link and materials
Curve and Surface
Curve Tools
Curve Tools1

and not the Mesh Tools palette with Spin and Spin Dup that the tutorial suggests should appear when all vertices are selected. Could anyone help me with this conundrum - do I have to convert the curve into a mesh for example?


do I have to convert the curve into a mesh for example

Yes, spin and spin dup are mesh tools. (alt-c in object mode to convert)


Many thanks Greybeard,

I think the Wiki would benefit from that salient piece of information :wink:

Can we see an animation of your head spinning?

I think Wiki is in the process of being upgraded as we speak. I’m doing the same thing - and my head is spinning too (sorry, not good enough at animation yet to post).