My head (literly)

After about a yr or more of not using blender at all, and probly longer not using it regularly for 2+ yrs I’m back at it. With all the new features and such (2.25 was the last I used regularly, I just prefered if over the others) I’ve had to relearn how to do a few things. So I’m modeling my head as a refresher and such.

What you guys think? What needs improved?


Wires as suggested in IRC :smiley:

Larger version : http:/

there should be an equal distance between your eyes and top of you head… and between the eyes and the chin.

The wires look good on the face but they lose track of the correct topology as they come around the jaw. You’ve achived a lot with very few polys which is a great way to start beccause it makes changes a lot easier to deal with.

Overall it’s pretty good (for a refresher!) but the shape of the head just isn’t right - unless your head really is oval. Try to push and pull the faces and verts to create cheek bones and eyelids. The nose looks pretty good yet this is where most people have big trouble.

Also note what Calvin mentioned about proportions. It’s amazing how big the top of the head really is. In this case, you may need to try and lower the eyes rather than raise the head.

Thanks for the comments guys, been working on fixing what both of you guys said. I had some trouble with my side reference image, things just wern’t lining up right. I had to resize the image a little bit. This meant I had to move all edgeloops and such to match up to the new side image :eek:.

Anyway here is my progress.

The neck I haven’t messed with since I moved/changed the edgeloops on the side. Thats why it looks a bit weird. I’ve got some ‘lumps’ to work out from the changes.

Edited to add: Renders didn’t show how it looks very well I I changed them to screenshots

Some more updates:

  • I finally figured out what you guys (and Briggs) meant with the eyes.
  • Went threw the wire and got rid of some poles, and fixed some loops.
  • Redefined the jaw line more, with the help of new loops.
  • Did some small defining on the nose.Anymore suggestions?

Full size:

Full size:

hey nice update!

The first head looked like he did a 100 yard dash in a 90 yard gym.

hehehe your funny p00f.

Another update:
I decided to start working on my ears, I still have ALOT left to go before it’s finished.