My Head

I finally got round to modelling my own head, and let me say that it’s easier copying a photograph than a drawing. Anyway, I started this today and finished it several hours later.
Close up -

The reason I’ve posted this in the finished projects forum is because this is the last time it will be in Blender; my next step is to take it into 3Ds Max 6 to texture and animate it.

Now please criticise it before I Max it.

this is your head?

AHHHH! You’ve got no ears?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

The modelling looks pretty smooth; I think it’s good.


The back of the head seems to be missing. It looks like a mask.

Hi, everyone!
Wiggie: Check anatomy references on the web to increase your modeling precision. There are inconsistencies in your model:
-Distance between the two eyes equals the size of one eye.
-Cheeks bones are never in line with the nostrils. They are right below eyes.
-The chin goes to low.
Hang on you’re getting there! :wink:

haha you got a weird head :D, lol joking joking ;). i like it its better then what i can model.

Thanks for the tips, I’m going to look at myself in the mirror and see if your three points are actually correct in regard to my features. I think you might be right though.

As for everyone else’s comments, thanx for being truthfull. To be honest, I don’t think it looks anything like me, but i don’t mind becuase my main objective was to make a relatively decent head compared to others i’ve made.

I’ll also keep trying to make some hair, because that can make a big difference.

Wait. How do you know he’s not retarded? Sorry, facially-challenged?

Uh, what happened to these forums? It used to be a friendly (sometimes over-friendly) place…

Vérszagra gyûl az éji vad…

All, found a cool head modelling tut here. Its for Max, but it should apply to any subdiv modeller. Very thorough and explains edge loops well.

Although I don’t take offence to beau’s comment, I still think it was rude and unwelcome. Please don’t act like a fool beau.

mzungu, thanks for that link, I haven’t seen that tutorial before and it looks very useful.