My helicopter Blades Blurry or not?

I am still painting my chopper and now wonder if I should spend time doing motion blur renders for the animation or substitute the blades for pre blurred verisons. Perhaps wedge shapes with a blurry blade Image map (with key) over it. I could rotate these without the extra render time.

But then I wonder if I would be sacrificing some cool blur of the rest of the model, I will be compositing it into some real video plates later. These naturally have lots of real blur already!


The advantage of substatuting the blade with a prereanded vertion is it will speed up the time of rendering in blender. you can still use motion blur on the rest of your image, depneding on your texture it can creat some intresting effects.

the down side is (other than speed) you have to make the pre rended versions eem realistic, and still decide if you like mosion blur effect


Download the movie named “TV News - Helicopter” on my website (Movies section), and look at the blades…

They have been rendered in one pass, without motion blur.

If the effect is what you need, I will explain you the method I used.