my highschool demo reel

My reel, work ive done over the past 3 years. Assembled for my college portfolio.

feedback please,

Very nice arrangement! I hope you’ll get into a good college.

good job! I must say it was sort of scary
what programs did you use?

well, most of its after effects, some blender like the crab and the flying cars in one of the city scenes, it was edited in premiere.

Im thinking of posting a flv file into youtube instead of the one i have now, im not happy with the quality.

thanks for the feedback!

(the music is “nights interlude” by nightmares on wax)

cool, love the music and these kind of clips :smiley: I’ve bookmarked it.

apparently it didnt work, stick with the older link

umm the vid is not showing up. the site says…

Nice vid! I hope you realize that YouTube can do what they wish, they steal alllll rights. I’d host such important stuff on my own site.

dang whats left to learn in university if you already learnt it in high-school

I still have a long ways to go

by the way im using this for my CalArts, Savanah school of art and design, Ringling portfolios.