My "holiday" pictures.

Hello everybody. After a nice vacation of 4 weeks im back. of course i cant live without blender :wink: so i took my (old pentium 75) laptop with me with blender 2.33a installed. rendering took ages so the pictures arent the best i could make.

the pictures:

here is a lovely snail. it should look like gary from sponge bob square pants.

this is my first uv textured object. and i learned it without the manual :smiley: . its a locomotive and ill try to import it into trainsimulator.

and this picture is my first picture i post processed with photoshop. i tried to create a depth effect. (used photoshop 3 for this).

more pictures at . (just more of the same :wink: ).

Looks nice for images made with an old computer. If you still have the files you should improve them on your current one. Just use a floppy for transfer.