My home, first render

Hi everyone! This is my very first project using Blender. It took me 12 days (I dedicated 95 hours) from the moment I installed the software to the final renders, including the time I spent watching tutorials, reading documentation and forums, googling stuff, taking measures from actual objects, and sketching on paper.

I modelled my living room and kitchen, real scale, making some color modifications and created every single texture and material. The only thing I have downloaded is the Filmic Encoding. I wanted to add more things like books, my computer, decoration, et cetera, but my desktop is a little old so doing that would mean more Blender crashes due to low RAM.

These are the best renders I could made without having to wait a thousand hours. The most difficult things for me were the lightning (finally chose a sun and some emission planes since I wanted natural light) and the render properties.

Since I’m a new user, I can only upload one picture, but if you are interested in the rest, I’ve uploaded the images to instagram (@rockarendah).

Size: 1400px x 1920px, 75%
Time: 2:20 hours (each one)
Samples: 1500
Clamp Direct: 4
Clamp Indirect: 6
Light Sampling: 0.5
Bounces: 6-3
Reflective/Refractive Caustics: On
Filter glossy: 1
Denoising: On
Filmic: Exposure 1, Gamma 1

I would appreciate if you can give me any suggestions/opinions.
Thank you!


Very nice first render,

I think most of the user in this forum will agree that their first renderers was not nearly as good and not nearly as independent done. Im also a relative newbie with blender, but a i want to give you a few advices.

  1. You dont need to stick on one picture for ever -> MOVE ON
  • you surely learned much in these 95 hours and so on but that is (for beginner!) the most time you should invest into one picture
  • it is way more effective to move on and create a picture with a different topic
    e.g. try to use sculpting, inform about modifiers, play with lighting
  • when you start your pictures wont be masterpieces, your pictures wont shock the whole 3D-industry
    slangily said: no one really cares, so dont invest to much time, try to come as nearly to a certain goal but moving on and learning something new brings you further in shorter time (so far in my experience)
  1. try to gather as many opinions on your pictures
  • spam them in every forum you know, ask everyone what they are thinking about your creations, dont let your pictures sleep on your storage, share them, the people especially in this forum are extremely friendly and ready to give you advice
  1. try to model efficient
  • learn about plugins, modifiers, addons, … which improve your workflow
  • you already have heard about filmic encoder for example
  • there are so many tools in blender which wait to be used, just scroll trough the menus and try to gather information about all these buttons and how to use them

English is not my first language and i hope you learned a bit, this is my point of view and other people give other advice, but nevertheless i see potential in your first render and i whish you good luck for your future!

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Thanks Mark! :smile:

I used sculpting for the couch and it was really interesting.

I think my next project could be some character design to learn more about this technique.

yeah rethink especially the anatomy from the beginning!

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I have a request on you can you say your opinion on this picture of mine, i also want to hear an opinion, which is not so much influenced by technical sight, and more by aesthetical meanings! :

I really like that you noted the time your getting started took and stuck to one project! Good job!

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I do that number 2 on Reddit and Instagram. I’m planning to take my work on Behance as well. It’s nice to get some feedback even if it’s good or bad.

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Hey, BTW, you should get books, laptop, post-it’s etc. off Sketchfab and re-render. It’ll look realistic, and it’ll be encouraging to continue (without spending a ton of time modeling/texturing details)!