My honest opinion about Blender 2.8

I have been using Blender since 2008 I think it was, since then Blender have elvolve from being a toy to a fullgrown 3D application. The UI have never been to my likings, unlogical and messy. Now with Blender 2.8 this have changed, very logical, very easy to work with, much faster to get things done.
At first I was terrified of the new UI, HELP ! vere is that and where is this. Now I am starting to feel comfortable with it, know where to find things. This 2.8 will be epic.

One of the things I don’t like is the choice of colors, I do understand the need of having a clean interface, but the choice of colors make things difficult to find the right button sometimes. The second thing I don’t like is the lack of a asset browser, wich Blender never have had.

Other than that I love it 8 out of 10

There will be a new asset browser in Blender 2.81. It is in development, but wasn’t ready for 2.80 release. Regarding the colors, there will be multiple themes to chose from at launch.


I’m glad people like it, because I love 2.8 and I would be discouraged if the changes between 2.79 and 2.8 were rolled back. As someone who’s worked with PCs and mostly Adobe software for the last 20 years, I now feel like I can switch back and forth between Blender and every other program that I use on my computer without having to really adjust the way that I do basic things.

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Blender 2.8 is a great product, hopefully the devs will address the performance issues by final, as its really slow especially if you havent got a really hi spec card…also the animation workflow really needs some tlc but once they address these issues Blender in my view will be close to the best if not best bit of 3d kit out there, for sure…I do understand there going to update the animation workflow in the 2020 project so fingers crossed it will be fab when its all done

well yes I know about the themes, I was talking about the icon colors

I see the problem, but also I think that a 3D application with all the features that Blender has will come at a cost, have a high end card its a must, no matter what.

You can change the icon colors to whatever you want.

you are right, my set up is not exactly cutting edge a 1050ti and a old 8core z600 with 12 gygs and I run max 2020 and occassionaly Maya and all three do chug a fare bit with my weak rig.

I am not very good to explain in english, but with the colors of icons I am talking about the way the developers want them to be, you can’t change that (not in a easy way that is). You can change the 1 color icons yes, but that doesn’t help much

If you prefer desaturated icons, change the Icon Saturation slider here:

The smaller icons can be adjusted here:

And also by adjusting the Text field for the widget types.

Customization is coming. :wink:

Forgive me for being a smidge off-topic, but there’s not an ability to invert the toolbar icons yet, is there? I’ve been trying to put together a “print friendly” theme, but have had to make some compromises because I couldn’t sort out a way to make the toolbar icons dark.

No, that’s not possible, regrettably. The icons are already set up to be themable, because each color is a separate material. Technically each color could then be themed.

There is just some code missing to do the theming part itself.

“problem” is the same, you can only change from lets say Brown to Green and so on, that do not help much

No, if they were themeable, you could choose any color you like.