My Horse

This is a horse I’ve been working on. I don’t really know what to do with the tail… I have a static particle system, but it doesn’t look like hair. I have to work on that. But how does it look overall? It’s my first try on an equestrian(?).


Equestrian is the right word, well… It usually refers to the riding / rider of a horse.

Brave subject to try! Horses have a great anatomy and make for a great study… Makes me think of the early american paintings of political/military figures, often with action shots on horseback. Such as Benjamin West and John Singleton Copely… Takes a lot of technical ability / good draftsmanship I think.

Your legs and hoofs look great. You might want to take a look at a reference to try to refine how the legs meet the torso, I did a search for “Horse Musculature” on google images seems like some decent references there.

on the tail, might want to take a look at Orange’s Hairy Issues and Get A Haircut

I think it’s great for a first time horse (if that was what he meant), but just as he said the tail need some more work.

Yes, it’s my first horse. This is also mmy first render posting. Thanks for the hair pages. I think I just need to experiment a lot with the tail particles.

pretty good!! I tried a horse when I was a real noob. Looked like crap compared yo yours.
BTW, are you going to join and smooth out the legs to the body? They look like they are separate opbjects right now.

Yeah, the legs are sub meshes, not connected to body. I don’t know how I am going to do that. Do you have any suggestions?

Well, to join two objects into one (in object mode) there are two ways:

  1. select the objects (the last selected is the target). Then Ctrl-J to join them into one mesh. This will not join faces - just meshes. In order to weld them, you will have to do that by hand. (using F to fill faces/edges and or Remove Doubles if you can make the verts line up.)

  2. Union boolean operator. I’ve never really used that, and I know that it makes a mess of triangles and funny edges and faces (not that great for subsurfed objects).

What I would do, Is go into your body mesh, and extrude the beginnings of the legs out from the body and make them line up (say at the “armpit” or knee level), then join in the other meshes. Or Re-do the legs from scratch using only extrude from the body mesh. Depends on how much realism you are going for, and if you are going to cover the whole body with the particle hair system (I bow to you if your computer can handle that easily).

Good luck!!

Thanks for all the help, I think I mis spoke. The legs are part of the same object, just not the same mesh. The body is a circle, extruded/scaled/adjusted, and each leg is a circle, ext./sc./adj… I just need to make it look more attached. I think the legs look, right now, like a good toy horse’s. By the way, I built the body using a profile of a horse in the 1969 World Book Encyclopedia, it’s just a standing Thoroughbred, with it’s legs pretty much straight, like my Blended Horse. I guess to get the mesh to look all muscly, I’d have to work on it for a LONG time. I do want to get the leg/body joinings right, though. And I still can’t get the tail right…

Want the .blend?

Please don’t post it (or anything using it) anywhere else without asking me. (But I’ll probably say yes :wink: )

Edit: How do I post a .blend ?

sure post the blend, or email it to me: deschnell at gmail dot com.
I think to post, you have to first zip it, then underneath the “Post a reply” box, under the options, you can attache a file (much like an email attachment).
Or if you have some webspace somewhere, upload it to your web directory and point us to it.

So separate meshes in one object, eh? unless you want to start the legs from scratch, start “welding”. I would do a circle shaped knife exact cut (press K while in edit mode), trace your shape of where the shoulder joins the body, then if you’re lucky, try removing doubles, or create new faces.

I’m off for a while. Good luck.

can we post a .blend??

nice model.
visti my recent work.

bye, see you.

Oddly enough, I just did pretty much the same thing, except with a deer.

To join the legs to the body is a huge pain. There’s really no easy way to make it look smooth. Expect to spend between 20 minutes and an hour on each leg, if you want to do it well.

Email me ([email protected]) and I can walk you through it, if you want.

So what did we learn from this? Don’t model the legs separately!! They need to be extrusions from the body.

Not always dschnell289.

The transition between the legs and body needs serious work, but it’s not as hard as these people say it is. I suggest you join objects and delete the unseen points. Once you have done that, fill the space in between the edges of the leg and body and the transition should be a bit better.

I couldn’t post a zip, or a blend!!! I don’t think I can put the .blend on my freewebs site, but I’ll try.

Mail it to me and I can fix it.

What is your e-mail?
It’s not in your profile.

I have worked on the tail a little bit.


Much better tail, but it ain’t good yet you have to tweak it a little bit more.

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Saxofoner91, The model is looking great, for a start. I would really try to work on merging your legs into the body if you are going for a realistic appearance. My best suggestion would be to start deleting faces in that area on the body and the end of the leg, and then start merging verticies until you can get it to look good. If your mesh is clean down the middle, I would recomend deleting half of the horse lengthways, and use the mirror modifier to mirror the other half. This will allow you to work easily on both sides producing perfect symetry.

I wouldn’t worry about the hair and the tail as of yet. Pound out the main mesh first and get into the details later that don’t directly effect the main mesh.

Otherwise, looks like you got the hang of it. Just give it some time and you’ll be jumping poles with him ;).