my house and a gramophone

The top two pictures are new, enjoy…

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Have fun,



really nice pair of pics. I like gramphone best :wink:


The grammophone is really nice? Did you render it with an external renderer? If no : How did you do the reflections?

Nice work!

Edison himself couldn’t have done better!
I like your house too. Sure beats my appartment! XLNT!


Both pics were modeled AND rendered completely with Blender. The reflections in the gramophone are made by an ingenious texture. A friend of mine gave me this tip some time ago. It’s a simple black texture with four white rectangles in the form of a window. This window is positioned just a bit above and a bit right of the middle. Set the mapping method of this texture to reflection and set the color blending mode to add. That’s all. Filter the texture to make it more soft or hard. The gold kind of look was made by a nor mapped blend texture.


The images are great, really good job. However I’m completely mesmerized by your web design. I just love the look and feel of it.

Congratulations !


Like both pictures but the gramaphone is my favorite.