My House, My Rules.

Something made just for fun. It is some kind of collision between modern and old. I also found some cool posters and wanted to inclued them into render. So there it is.
Comments are welcome :slight_smile:

Regards, paulina.


Hi, very nice stuff. Chairs have something strange on the thickness…maybe some smooth shading…and i don’t really like what happens on the window. I don’t understand if is just overbright or if there some sort of dirty texture on the glass!

Any way very nice deteil on the carpet…Is it fur? Or did you replace di particles hair with an object? Can you share some knowledge on how did you achieve that?

Hi alan.zirpoli. Thanks for comment. Yes, I saw that something bad is happening with the thickness of this chair but when I rendered it I didn’t know what was it. Yesterday somebody told me that it could be problems with normals, I checked it and it was normals. I will try to improve this render soon.
About carpet- I made 5 “hairs”(simple mesh made from bezier curve and convert to mesh) put them into group and emited them on the plane as particle system.
Sorry for my english. I hope You understand me :wink:

best parts are the rug and floor, the rest is fine but not very interesting I guess.

Thanks Kemmler, I appreciate your comment. :slight_smile: