My Ibanez 270G

Hi everybody! I’m new in this forum, and to blender so.
This is my first artwork (my own guitar). Tell me what do you think.

Edges are a little sharp :p, but i have not finished it yet.


Great! With some final touch (illumination, materials, etc.) it’ll be pretty cool.

Welcome too! :slight_smile:

dude thats sweet! i luv guitars…my friend is making a B.C. Rich Warlock Guitar…in blender…i made a les paul its crappy tho

Thanks for your comments guys, :cool:

Here are some new renders. I smoothed the previous sharp edges, and added some items.
I think the head of the guitar is a bit too thick, or maybe the body not enough.

Waiting for comments and advices :eyebrowlift:.


Its another guitar but a nice one! Second best ive seen so far.
Nice job man.

thats pretty nice :slight_smile: