My Image Based Textures

I apologize if this is a bad place to put this, but I wanted to share some of my image textures, many of which already exist as attachments, and I was not sure where to put them. I hope their value will overshadow the fact they they are somewhat out of place.
I’ll add more as I go along…

Wow. Fantastic repository. I’ll definitely be using more than just the leather texture!

You have really good hand for patterns and textures. I could definitely find use for some of them in future projects (If thats all right with you - with due credit of course).

thanks. I put them up for people to use, so hopefully they are useful to some one.

made these earlier today…


here’s another shadeless one I did this morning. I also have the bump map in case anyone wants it.
(edit) all of these tile in case anyone was wondering.

couple more shadeless ones…

Thank you for sharing your textures, and the fact they’re tileable makes them even better :slight_smile:

here’s a shadeless bark texture, and also the bump map i used to make it.

shadeless rock face
antique wood


Seriously useful stuff! Thank you for sharing, you are very talented.

Thanks, here are some shadeless bricks and ugly linoleum.

Lovely textures i love them, thank u very much for sharing i love their uniqueness great stuff.

Wow! Great Textures! Under which licence are you publishing them here?