my image for Blender Cookie robot contest


Pretty cool stuff… II don`t like the robot shader… it looks too rusty.
The smoke is added in ps? I like some features like the destruction and the cracks. Nice job.

thanks… AlinB
yeah…the whole things is rendered in cycles except the smoke because its doesn’t work on it.So i made this in internal render.
and the robot stuff i will think about it. :slight_smile:

Nice work, but i would choose a different camera angle and composition. Bottom half of the image is empty and top is really cramped. Also the robot doesn’t seem that big as the camera is facing down. View from below would work better in my opinion.

Nice Work “5Star”

Good work, quite dynamic and maybe a better crop of image cause bottom have more space.

fantastic work

hey… thank you guys for your reply and advice…

I like this a lot. Great job on the broken concrete.

Steve S

This really is a great piece, awesome job on the both the robot and the scene. The repeating texture on the curbs of the bridge is the only thing that stands out.

waaa great!~ How long did u render this? cool @@

Really an amazing picture you have done. The lighting is just great, love the overall composition. My only critic would be for the robot hands, maybe its just me but they seems a little bit small for the robot size.

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thanks a lot guys…

i think 2 and half hours.

new render…

I like how the entire scene works together to tell a story, but if the focus is supposed to be the robot than the composition could use a lot of work. Here is a great series that really helped me understand composition:

Right now, most of my attention is drawn to the bridge because of the its placement, angles, and contrast. Besides that, it looks like the car has barely less visual weight than the robot. I would suggest moving the elements and camera around in such a way so that the robot is the clear focal point. I know this isn’t focused critique, but hopefully this will help you in the long run even if this project is finished. Good luck in the competition.

thanks Jonathan. thank you for your advice.

Nice scene, however just to give you a first impression of your latest 9/26 render. Your robot blends in too much with the smokey background. Since he is supposed to be the focus of the image, he should really stand out more. So perhaps either adjust the smoke behind him or adjust the robots shader/texture.