My image wont show

Im trying to put an image into my scene, I drag it out onto the scene, but when I render it, its not there

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Have you more than 1 camera?
Is a cube visible when you put it in?

could you please pack your image and share your file?

Dragging an image into the viewport results in the creation of an “empty” with an image texture. This is mostly used as reference and isn’t renderable.
In order to create a renderable object, use the “import images as planes” from the file->import menu.

Not showing up in your menu? read this

If you don’t see this option, you’ll need to activate the addon (which comes bundled with blender by default). Go to the preferences, click the “addons” button, type “image” into the search box to help you narrow down the list. locate the “import image as plane” addon, and click the little checkbox on its left.

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There is only 1 camera, and when I put in the cube, it does show up yes

Thanks, will try that