My Industrial Cooling Fan

I’ve spent nearly 2 days on this, working very hard to get it done.
I’m quite proud of it. It sort of is my first real model that i’ve released.
It’s on my deviantART:

I hope you like it.
Please give me some feedback on it.
P.S. I’ll be making a quick animation to show the whole model later.

Nice modeling!
Are those “blades” (whatever you call them) plastic?
I have a similar disign fan at home, but it has metal “blades” with sharper edges.
Also the baby blue color…neah…!!!
What about black?

Mine has plastic blades yes. There is an aluminium version of this too but i haven’t seen it in real life.
And… Mine is baby blue :stuck_out_tongue: Maube more of a cyan but it’s close…
Black might look cool… I’ll try it out.

I have made a bit of an ‘animation’ now. The camera just moves around to show different parts of the fan. And of course, the blades rotate. But the rendering will take some time, i’ll render it tomorrow because today is too late… :stuck_out_tongue: I set the subsurf levels quite high, i think most of the parts have subsurf level 3.
The vertex counter is on 228771. I don’t know if that is a lot, but i think with the higher subsurf levels for rendering, it’ll be a bit more.
So, the animation will be up on YT tomorrow. I hope… XD stay tuned