My Interior

Hello :smiley: This is my interior after worked about 5 days … Just for my practice when I fell boring. Rendered using Yafray and modeling using Blender3D. Edited using The Gimp. Rendered not longer than 15 minutes. Based on the picture taken by deviantart user ( forgot the username ) … Hope you like it …

Also here : :RocknRoll:

nice design, i like the modeling a lot and its fairly good lighting (im not great with that) but i can tell you it all seems a bit blurry and fuzzy for some reason.

other than that its a great render


I do have a couple of things I’m going to pick on, and I would hope that people would do the same for me when I upload a project, so please don’t take offense, I am trying to be constructive…

I think your light fixtures above the doors are too big. They just seem proportionally incorrect. Also, I don’t know that you need to have three there. Two would suffice in ‘real life’.

The stairs seem inconsistent, with the first step being about 12 inches (way too tall) and the rest not following suit. About half way up there is a step that is appearing to be about half the height of the first.

The handrail seems a bit thick and I’m not quite picking up on the details, though that could just be from the blurriness - which I’m sure you know about.

I will say, however, that this view is pretty great. Its dynamic and you understand the space pretty well from it. Not ‘realistic’ as you would have to be lying on the floor to get that vantage point, but successful all the same.

All in all I would say its not bad. Are you planning on making any adjustments to it? If so, please post as I would like to see how it evolves. Thanks,

I agree, it’s kind of blurry and the steps are all different heights (unless the designer was drunk or the owner wanted this).:wink:

oh i don’ t realize it … Sorry. It hapen when I do post-work.
I am not a designer !!!

well if you want to be a good modeller you also have to be consider scaling, .a normal stair rise is between 7 to 8 in high. second…a door with that soffit will only require one lighting fixture…you should practice more on lighting and texturing, most important things in modelling…coupled with a nice machine…:yes:.its nice to browse some design magazines sometimes to get you updated with the design industry…or browse the net…


I didn’t realize that you’re so young. I know at this stage in life, its sometimes hard to take criticism and and not take it personally. I applaud you for being brave enough to post your images and allowing us to comment. Please understand that my comments above are coming from my experiences as an architect and a designer and are only meant to help you become better at creating images. I know that I can be very picky.

As a 13 year old, however, your work is pretty great! Please, keep it up and you’ll find yourself doing absolutely amazing work down the road…

ohh, thank arhipeep and all for your comment … i will fix my mistake :smiley: