My iPod is sick. Suggestions?

Well this Christmas I got a new 30 GB iPod w/ video capabilities and I’m having a problem. The same problem, in fact, that I was having with my old iPod shuffle.

At first glance, all seems to be all right. The iPod will sync my music and podcasts automatically and without problem, but when I try to change the settings on my iPod for syncing, in this case, to enable syncing for movies, I get the following two error messages:

“The iPod “Landon’s iPod” cannot be updated. An unknown error occurred (-50).”

and then…

"The iPod “Landon’s iPod cannot be updated. The disk cannot be read from or written to”

I’ve tried everything, and I mean everything I could find on the internet. The iPod still works with other computers, and from diagnostics it appears as if my iPod is in perfect working order, so the problem would seem to be with my computer hardware/software. I tried hooking up to all six different USB 2.0 ports on my comp, re-installing iTunes, updating, reseting and reinstalling iPod software, checked for Windows System Updates (running Windows XP Professional SP2), and probably some other attempts that I don’t quite remember.

So here’s the question: do any of you guys have any idea how to fix it? Any suggestions to try or look into? Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Usually throwing it against the wall helps.


You may continue.

Worked fine with mine:D

Hey that rhymed:cool:

Wish I could rhyme all the time…


try getting a good mp3 player, like…
okay, so i don’t know mp3 players, but Ipods are notorious for breaking easily and often, and most of my friends (not just most of my friends who own Ipods, even) have had many agonies with Apple’s service (many hours spent on hold, misplaced replacements, wrong model sent, etc.)

Do you have the latest version of iTunes? Also, if you do, you should check to make sure that it’s not a known bug. Also, since your iPod is new, I think your warranty should still entitle you to email/phone support, so maybe they can help you with your problem. Hope you get it all working.

Did you try this stuff:

Also, just in case you don’t know, when you search in google, you have to put -50 in quotes because the negative symbol removes that from the search.

Given that it works with other computers, it would seem that your configuration is the problem and not the ipod itself - assuming you tried the syncing that is causing the issue on your machine. Are all your USB2 cards installed correctly and have you tried them to see if they work with other devices at USB2 speed?

The best thing to do is to see what is different between your computer and theirs. One obscure thing is to do with quicktime. On the Mac, quicktime is a fairly integral component in everything so possibly that needs updated on your computer. I don’t know if that’s why Apple bundle it with the Windows installer.

well i have an ipod video 3ogb too…i had it like for 5 mothes now and…its buggin out…sometimes when you press a button it freezes and u have to wait till the bettery dies out:(…if i were u i would get the Zune from microsoft…one because its cheaper and has all the capabilities of an ipod…two because you can exchange music with your frinds wirelessly…anyways check it out…