My iptic website (official site for a freespace2 mod)

(Ecks) #1

Hey I am using my space on iptic to make a site for a mod for freespace2.
I will make level and ship for the mod. (I am the lead level designer :smiley: )
So check this out and tell me what yah think! (if someone know how to make fram using netscape composer please tell me! I want to make the link on the top so only the bottom of the page load when you change section…I hope you understand what I mean)

(macouno) #2

That’s easy… just give both frames a name like name=“top” and name=“bottom”

then inside the link ref set the relevant target. like:

a href=“contents_for_bottom” target=“bottom”

(Ecks) #3

yea but I dont know how to add frame… :-?

(macouno) #4

ah lol okiedokie.

Create 2 web pages… just normal html like you normally would. Just 1 is the top page… the other is the bottom one… right? basicly top.html and bottom.html… lets call them that for now ok?

So now you create the index.html that has the frames into which the other two get loaded.

Now here it is basicly.


<frameset rows=“100,*” border=“0” frameborder=“no” bordercolor="#000000">

&lt;frame name="top" src="top.html" NORESIZE SCROLLING="no" MARGINHEIGHT="0" MARGINWIDTH="0"&gt;

&lt;frame name="bottom" src="bottom.html" NORESIZE SCROLLING="yes" MARGINHEIGHT="0" MARGINWIDTH="0"&gt;



Sorry but your browser does not support frames.



that’t it basicly… now be sure to set the right in the frameset rows thing… * means basicly 100% so make the top one the height of your menu and make sure that all links in the top have target=“bottom” in them… to link to a new page make target="_blank" to have a page loaded completely on top off all your frames in the current window make target="_top"

Oh and if you are in a frame and don’t set a target… it automaticly gets loaded in that frame.

There’s lossa tutorials about this everywhere… try the webmonkey site… they usually have simple ones.

(macouno) #5

Oh and I forgot… you could just make a page with the menu on it and use an <iframe> those are single frames inside a normal html page… but support for it is dodgy… .especially netscape doesn’t like them at all yet.

also… use a couple extra pixels for the height/width of your frames… this is also for netscape users… somehow they usually need 4 extra pixels

(Ecks) #6

TX for the help mascouno!

I have updated the site…look at it at:

(If you use explorer you will see a bug between the “news” and “screenshot” linke but dont worry there is no link there. You can see all the link. I dont understand why it do that…on netscape all is ok)
Put the resolution of your screen at 1024*768 if you want to see the site correctly! and dont forget to TELL ME WHAT YA THINK OF IT!

(hotsnoj) #7

Have you been to Hard Light Productions? They host all of the FS mod pages.

(macouno) #8

The error? I think you fixed it no? What I see in your code though… is you use a lot of

tags usually a paragraph is started and later ended so for each

there’d be a </p>, the absence of those may be a problem in some browsers. I’d just use
for what you’re trying to do.

also I don’t understand the frames thing now… it’s not in your pages… only an </iframe> tag… but without the <iframe> it doesn’t work naturally.

In all honesty… even though your script is small it’s slightly messy and could do with a little cleanup like the following:
<font face=“Times New Roman,Times”><font size=+3>First news! The site
is online!!!</font></font>

could also be:
<font face=“Times New Roman,Times” size="+3">First news! The site
is online!!!</font>

small difference but once you make larger/mor complex pages, it really helps to keep it simple.

Ok 1 more point of critique if you don’t mind… I think the top image is slightly large and the link images are a little bulky and unclear… I mean the blue and white on the black and white bg with such fonts is rather hard to read.

BUT: believe me or not… I do like the site and since I love freespace. YOU GO! (I really still have to buy the game but played the demo over and over when I got my hands on it) :wink:

(Ecks) #9

yea tx for the comment. No I actually didn’t think about hard light production. As you see there is only two wip…so it is in very early stage of production…I will probably send them a message! Tx

yea I fixed the error now. But in my prog (composer) I dont need to write all the code…it is like microsoft word…I insert pic…write text and save so I dont know why it do that! thanks anyway! :smiley:

(macouno) #10

Ah lol… yeah I understand, in that case it’s just the programmer’s personal preference.

I do all in notepad which makes it rather different to design.

(Dittohead) #11