My Irn Bru can blend. How can i improve it?

Blender 2.49a

Hello again,

Ive included my first .blend file (i think) in this post. Its my “goin to do myself” project whilst learning more Blender. Would like to know how i can improve it or any other comments you see fit?

I havent really though how i might add the ringpull part. But im really looking for right shape and size to add label in final render.

. I do hope to have the original Irn Bru label on it. Should i be considering how im goin to add the lasbel before modelling it?

Anything at all?



irn bru can trial.blend (147 KB)

I don’t think you really need to be posting here anymore, this is for support, and you should avoid making multiple threads, maybe you should consider a WIP thread ?

As for your model right now, you want to avoid the triangles at the top and bottom of the cylinders.
Combine triangles by selecting them, and ALT+J to turn them into quads.
As for getting the label on it, try out UV Mapping.
Oh, you could lose some edges there. Its easier to work with less.

And I think for learning the ins and outs of blender you should model a character of your own. You learn about topolgy, how to paint your own textures, UV Map organic an organic model, learn how to make a simple rig. Animate it and so on.

ok thanks. Ill pick up on your comments. No more posts with my irn bru can :for help, Sorry about upsetting your forums. But do you mean no need to post here (blenderartists forums as a whole?) or here in this thread? Didnt think it was a multiple thread though… Anyway…

A work in progress thread. Where is that best posted? and if you could? i tried alt+j with the triangles selected but but nothing seems to happen?

Ill try that uv map tut tonight :slight_smile:

What I meant was there’s no need for you to be posting in this SECTION of the forum.
This section is for Help, and your looking for feedback on your model/project.
So something like that is more fitting in the Work In Progress Board.
I don’t think you need help finding that?
Just read the Board Titles.

As for joining the tri’s make sure you have at least a pair selected.
Sometimes it doesn’t work if you faces are jumbled but in the case of a flat bottom can their shouldn’t be any problem.

OK Cire!

Thanks again for your input.I havent much experience with forums. I was looking for help or a hint that i might be on the correct path to building my “can”. Ill be more careful with my posts and i am looking t the site a bit more. I will need help with the “can” so ill make sure it posted within the right section and with appropriate wording. Ill keep plodding the tutorials.