my issues with my model

Hello all, I’ve been working on a model, and am pretty much done with it, minus the shoes, which are hard as ever. But, I wanted to take a stab at trying to rig my character but couldn’t figure out what exactly I’d have to do to get the model on one layer. I don’t want to join the meshes because I’m scared it’ll not allow for further adjustments, but, If that’s the way to go, I can do. Or, do I just group all of the objects together? secondly, do you guys use the “rigify” option? Or do you do it one step at a time?

thanks in advance for any help.

To get objects to one layer: select every layer except the target layer, then select all objects you want to move, press M and click on the layer you want your objects to be.

Joining your meshes will not prevent you from editing, plus: it’s completely reversible.

Rigify will safe you some time with setting up the main bones, but you will have to go in and do weightpainting/custom bones/additional constraints, anyway. I would recommand to do at least once a full custom rig to get an idea of how it’s all working.

sounds good, thanks alot! I’ll try it out and report back when done so.