My isuues

Well, I’m not sure who has the same issues as I do but, sometimes when I render the objects in my scene they do not render properly , they render as though they are in edit mode, like several meters/feet/blender units out of sinc with each other, this is annoying, because Ive downloaded “Hatsune Miku” a cool model, more advanced than I’m capable of totally understanding, most of the work is ok but when I scale her down to fit my scene, and move her around she comes apart, much of this is because she is made of several different objects that have physics involved that are not applied or conflict with other objects," this is my guess, but after taking part in the Blender experience, which I love, its come to mind that there should be a fix for this sort of thing, I dont think there’s much posted on this subject and its a bit complicated, but wouldnt it be nice if what you observe in object mode actually rendered when you render animation, or should there be a new mode that shows you see excactly what will render before hand? and maybe suggest fixes for these types of problems, as people with more advanced models swap them on the internet these problems will multiply, I hope someone advanced enough to understand these problems can and does handle it in a intuitive way, or make a nice video of how to deal with it, as it is, I just join different objects, turn off or apply modifiers until the darn thing stays together long enough for a basic animation to occur. thanks!