My Joan model (Nudity)Update The final model (March 10 2005)

I`ve been working on Joan model
so what do you think about it?

The operation timed out while attempting to access your site :frowning:

Hum !
I guess i have to find a new place for my images

did you use the joan of art tutorial. it looks good
Yes i used the Joan of Arc tut for 3dsmax
I`m still working on it now im making the armour of the bust

The body looks off, it shouldn’t have that hard edge on it. Add a belly button and soften the area below it. The face doesn’t look like the one from the tutorial, either and the outer corners of the eyes is too far forward. It should never protude from the face.
Overall I’m still doubting the effectivity of that tutorial, people shouldn’t learn the basics on a stylized model, they might pick up bad practices that will bite them in the ass when they’re trying realism.

Well, I think that it looks good so far. What I would do at this point is look at some reference photos online of the female body :wink: to smooth out the lower abdomen and face.

Well KDR_11k im not trying to make any realism whit that body the cloth is going to hide it. The face realy doesn't look like the one from the tut, it was quite hard for me to do it and thats what i`ve done.
So i call it Joan from the Alien clan :slight_smile:

looks good so far.
something funky near where the eye socket joins the cheek bone, but it’s still a great start.
keep at it…i’d like to see how it continues.

Joan of Arc phone home. Hehehe just messin with ya. The topolgy as others have pointed out is a bit off but if it’s going to be hidden in cloth, most of that won’t matter.

As far as realism is concerned, the neck is too high and the head is too big. I don’t think the back of the head should stick out so much at the bottom either. That gal’s got some big ear lobes too. Try to get the base of the ear in line with the base of the nose and the top in line with the eye or just above.

There’s not much more to say about the body if it’s going to be covered up but I’m sure some people might complain you didn’t put a customary nudity warning on the thread.

some snapshot from the head
Yes the head really get big and i scale it a bit

Work more on the eyes. Nice work on the lips .
Keep it up!

A little update i worked on the body hows now

Well, as you said it’s not for realism, but for a stylized feel, there are no crits from me about the model, it looks ok… but i got to say you could change your hosting. The classics: and these are better and more friendly than geocities.

Update body armourbust

Update joan_progress
So what do u think?

Wow, this is coming along quite nicely. I’m liking that armor. And since it’s not for realism, I won’t comment on how friggin’ skinny she is XD

It`s done. The final model
Comments please :smiley:

Very nice, just dnt forget to add the eyes! and also i would loe to see her textured and maybe doing alittle animation? or a pose :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Ahaha, that’s another proof that 3dsmax tutorials could work very well for blender :slight_smile:

Really good job so far. My only crit would be that the cloth folds on her belly/torso looks too symetric… and therefore don’t look like folds at all. (but I know, folds are a real pain in the neck to make)

I won’t make any crits at the proportion, because as far as I remember, it’s supposed to be a kind of “manga-ish” joan of arc, am I right? (and the proportions are ok for that style)