My Journey to Awesomeness

SO! Earlier this year I have started my “Journey to Awesomeness”.

Not exactly the beginning of what I’m currently doing on YouTube but kinda a re-do of how I want to share my journey as I aim to become one of the best filmmaker and aim to create a filmmaking company of my own.

The journey started years ago but now it turns to a new phase with this short animation(spent atleast 3 month to make this :sweat_smile:):

I will be sharing my progress through a video presentation I call “Doodle Log” , first entry is this one, explaining EVERYTHING about what I’m aiming to do :

And short animations will be made depending on what I encounter in this journey, my current BIG animation project is re-introduced through this one:

SInce I started this journey this year, I got to make use of Blender 2.80’s capabilities, expecially the new render engine, EEVEE and the new grease pencil. SO yeah, all of these are done in Blender 2.80, rendered using EEVEE. And yeah, I used only free software in making these videos. Also, since I don’t have enough to buy a more capable PC yet, I did all this on a laptop, here’s the specs:

Hopefully, I’ll manage to buy a new PC soon :sweat_smile:

ANYWAYS! THIS IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS! The journey is still at its early stages. And I plan to share my progress here, maybe it will help you guys in a way too. That’s all for now! Thanks for reading all these and watching the videos, if you did! :grin:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions too if you have or give some feedback. I may be able to correct some but since I plan to publish these animations in a short period of time, I may sacrifice some of the quality(not to mention I work on a laptop). :sweat_smile:


Can’t wait to see the final since i found this already entertaining! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks! It’s probably gonna take a while for this journey to end. Hopefully, it doesn’t end right away too. :sweat_smile:

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A quick one here. A birthday gift for my lil sis. She’s been wanting an island of her own ever since she saw the previous videos so I’m making a short animation for her, featuring the island that she designed herself. She’s seven now. :grin: The island is called Unicorn Island. Definitely inspired by her favorite show. It’s quite popular so you guys might’ve heard about it. XD

I’m aiming to finish the animation in 2-3 weeks.

Some screenshots from another short animation I’m working on regarding my Journey to Awesomeness. Still a WIP though. :smiley:

Dude…just confirming what you already knew…

YOU ARE AWESOME! :laughing: :+1: :clap:

I propose a drinking game…everyone on has to do a shot every time you say “awesome”! :laughing:

Cute art direction, I like the natural flow of the story (so far), loved how you made an unexpected live cameo appearance! :laughing: Keep throwing them curveballs!

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All of you would be really drunk if that happens. XD

Then again, I’m not that awesome yet. I will surely try my very best to proudly claim that I am someday though, depending on how this journey will go. :sweat_smile:

A screenshot of the first shot of the next quick short. :smiley:

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A little rascal has found the Here-and-There button on the REAL WORLD…and pressed it!

A shot fora new short I’m working on for my Journey to Awesomeness. XD

FINALLY DONE with another episode on my Journey to Awesomeness !!

Just a short animation I did in about month and a week. This is a gift I promised to my lil sis when she demanded to have an island of her own in the world of my Journey to Awesomeness. :smiley:

Another DOODLE LOG done! Doodle Log 004 - The Next Level. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Some renders I did of my adventures inside the Production Caverns! :smiley: