My junk (nudity)

I really need to start drawing more. Having a thread might support that. I’m not stellar and would like to improve so here goes.

Most drawings aren’t going to be worked to perfection so here comes my messy stuff. All gimp produced.


(didn’t capture him exactly but eh came out ok)


Wow,kinda cool! :slight_smile: I like the guy with the smoke the best.

The eyes of the first two pictures look a little…weird.Maybe give them a little more detail.

Looks good though.I would like to learn drawing humans,too.

Good work! :slight_smile:

new picture more word


one more for today


awesome pics mayn…your getting better by the day…

out of town and no wacom so no painting till today


I may or may not be the last guy who’s advice you want to take, depending on what side of the how-to-art idealogy battle you’re on, but I’ll try to help.

Mostly I think all you really need is more practice, and you will naturally learn to “see” where your problems are and they will go away on their own.

But if I’m going to nitpick, I’ll point out that the far profiles of the faces are a little messed up.

One thing that could help is getting Bridgeman’s book, “Complete Guide to Drawing From Life,” and looking at how he breaks complex anatomy up into facets. It doesn’t sound right but things do look better if broken up into facets than if you try to paint them as smooth as they appear in a photo or real life.

I don’t think the color palette thing is necessary or useful in the digital medium. We’re not at risk of ruining a canvas by plopping down poorly selected colors on it. It’s the nature of color to look a little different (or a helluva a lot different) depending on what other colors are next to it, so why not test your color in the spot where you want it? You won’t have to scrape paint off a canvas if you’re wrong.

It’s far easier to learn how to paint well if you start off in grayscale. Color is usually the last thing to come in - it’s still giving me trouble.

You’re too right about the far profiles. I really struggle with proper eye placement/shape and then the issues just trickle down the face from there. The only reason I draw with a color is to mix things up. Thanks for suggesting the book, don’t know if I’m ready to make any monetary commitments to drawing yet. Other than my little cheap wacom.

Here is a character i’m thinking about modelling. The curais(sp) is the one found in philip of macedonia’s tomb. Then I’ll shoot for mace-greek-roman style armor on the rest of the body.


well what did you expect.

this is a quicky sketch


I’m pretty proud of this texture. It was painted in texture paint mode and then dumped into gimp to alter the saturation brightness and contrasts, but all painting done in blender. Models not mine. I should add a soft light and brighten it to an extent, but no deal.


stuck blah blah ba


still sketching


looks good indeed

Wow these are great, and most of them look perfect to me. I love the pen-sketchy style. Keep them coming.:smiley:

trust brother I’ve got that and all the rest of the loomis books I could scrape up. Just yesterday I picked up dynamic anatomy by hogarth and I’m trying to get more stylized with some of the features.

40 min sith, lightsaber is too short and … bent lol. Anyway… they’re doing starwars week for the cgtalk sketches and I thought I’d try a quick character.

edit in response to zoup below.
wow I totaly lost focus working on this its a chick but I’ve been working on male heads too much. The adams apple and brow ridge happened without a second thought on what I was doing.

and some more sketches (these are from refs)


That would explain why he’s looking at it like that! :smiley:

cgtalk workshop one

gimp is getting easier to work with…