My Junk

This is though…

2 why not 3 =D

Stupid stuff from me,but as I kinda relaxed I recalled long forgotten idea of true 3D operation system which includes not mouse anymore

Well , this is of topic, I am just throwing out an idea but obviously I am being way too much generic to be constructive.

See panels with depths, and a depth pen, that is all

Yes 3
National Anthem in electric, I hope its ok.

So much art work for many many years and allmost nothing for
compensation. Even Programs I have coded for Android and I-Phone,
never reached store because those stores as it seems have only bot
support / AI support. Kind of really stinks that
simplest app is not in the store.

But Hey, If I make 1 euro with this short musical ringtone I composed, I will be happy.

Keep it up and you’ll make a good work. :grinning:

For who it may concern,
Thank You !