My keybindings are disappearing (wth?)

OK for a while I thought my memory was at fault or I forgot to click “Save User Settings” or whatever…
But it seems to be a fact, my custom keybindings are disappearing into oblivion for no reason I understand.
I am pretty sure because I was just using some custom keys I set and they were working fine… and then in the next instant they weren’t :slight_smile: I searched for them in the Input tab: GONE!
What the hell, this is weirding me out lol
It gets even weirder. I have exported a key config when it was all working, so I try to reimport it but the keys are missing there as well ?!

The only reason I can think of right now is that I am using blender both at work and at home and I transfer my keyconfig every time I make some changes at one of the installations. The problem started when I updated to 2.76rc2 at home while I left the one at work at 2.75a …
Could it be some kind of conflict between the two? Any ideas are welcome.

I would appreciate some ideas if anyone has any :slight_smile:

I have the same version of blender at both places now (2.76 rc3).
I redefined and saved my keys at home and used them for a while, no problem.
I exported the key config and saved it in my dropbox. Then I imported it at my office pc.
Some of the redefined keys were applied but a few weren’t…
Also if I switch to Blender(default) config part of my custom keys are applied there but not all… what’s up with that.
Would you say that’s a bug I should report or is it that I don’t understand how the keyconfig works?