My keyframes are gone but animation still works?

So my camera movement works, but i cant see any of my keyframe in my timeline or in the dopesheet.

So if i want to delete them, i cant even do that.

how do i make them re appear?

Is your camera perhaps parented to something, such as an empty, which contains the keyframe data?


Do you have this selected?

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yes. it is.

no what i did is that i selected the camera. Went in walk mode and used auto keying to set the animation of moving while in camera view.

when done it showed the frames. but after i saved, quit and opened again in an hour, the frames were gone but the camera movements worked.

I can’t reproduce the problem, but if you post the file, I’ll have a look at it.

Silly question: have you selected the camera?

yes of course

haha fair enough. You never know! Is it possible that you’ve scrolled down on the timeline, so the keyframes are actually there, but just up high?

nope. it just vanished.

i just reverted back to a time before i did the animation for now.

I just recreated your actions and the keyframes are still there, so no idea.

Did you push down your animation to an NLA track?

i dont know what that is

The NLA editor lets you create “Non Linear Animation”.
This means that you can turn your keyframe animations into animation tracks - similar to Video editing clips - and then move them around, strech them, cut them and blend several animations on top of each other.

However, in order to do so you have to “push down” your keyframed action. You can do that in the Dope Sheet in Action Editor mode.

After having pushed down your action into an NLA track the keyframes disappear and you can only get them back by selecting the NLA track and pressing tab, like you enter edit mode.

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