My Kickstarter Project "The Dying Dimension" is now up :D

I’m funding a boardgame on Kickstarter called The Dying Dimension! The plan, should I get funded, is to model figurines in Blender and print them with a Makerbot.

At $45 you preorder a copy of The Dying Dimension. And don’t forget, if I miss my funding target you’re not charged anything.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions! :yes:

This is quite innovative. And these you don’t really need to shopping at a “bricks and mortar” shop to buy your “The Dying Dimension”, instead you can pretty much have it if you order online. I guess if the project suceeds, the first few sets will be worth a fair dime and bit in fifty years time so it may be a good idea to order yours now.

I can pretty much vouch that this idea is a good one.

All the best ogbog - I am a bit limited in funds otherwise I would have sent you a cheque in haste.

Great idea, sadly I am the same as @kbot with the funding, however good luck and if it gets through i would definately order a set!

Alas, I know your pain :stuck_out_tongue: I’m doing all this in my downtime now that I myself am underemployed. Good luck to you both though, and thanks for looking!