My kitchen

Tried to recreate my kitchen as good as possible.

constructive critique appriciated***My portfolio:

I really like it! you have a nice kitchen.

The scissors hanging up are a strange shape. By far the biggest thing I noticed, however, was the unrealistic materials in certain parts. The floorboards, wooden cupboards, granite benchtop, and plastic chairs are the obvious culprits. They reflect light like they are completely flat and uniform. I would suggest trying a bump map, specular map and or scratches/dirt map.

Here are some reference floor boards:

That being said, I really like it. It looks warm and the colours are nice.

In addition to what journeyman2 mentioned, you should also include the fresnel component. This is something that people like Andrew Price always leave out, but it’s probably the most important effect to include in your shaders. If you need help understanding what I’m talking about, ask.

Tardis yeah I know, I’ll look into it