My 'knock-off of cloverfield' monster

This is my first WIP, just so you know.

For a school project, I’m trying to make a knock-off of Cloverfield, which will take place in my backyard, and in my house. Come to think of it… it doesn’t have much to do with Cloverfield except there is a big monster and a bunch of little ones, and they look a bit alike… but it was still inspired by it…

So without using reference photos, I tried to create a monster with a bit of a likeness to the Cloverfield monster (the big one, the little ones will come later).

This is the result of about… oh… 4-5 hours. I haven’t finished the body yet. That’s about as detailed as I plan on making it, because I only have 3 weeks to complete a short 3-5 minute video, and also, it won’t be shown close up.


Ok I’ve done a bit more work on it. I’ve finished the hands, and just need to figure out something to do to the upper body to make it… not so… what’s the word… smooth?

One thing I can’t quite understand is why the texture seems to take away some of the detail. A lot of the depth in the folds of the skin (especially around its neck) seems to disappear when I put that texture on it.

EDIT: Yea… bear in mind that this monster will be far away, and in a jacuzzi of smoke and debris, so I figure this’d look pretty darned good amid all the smoke. The main monsters of the short will be the little monsters, which I’ll spend a bit more time on.

EDIT2: One last thing, in the first image, where you can see it’s arm, it’s just occurred to me that it’s arm looks all shriveled up and small. It’s not. It’s really freakin’ long! (


Looks really good but the chest seems too smooth. Make it more muscular for a more menacing appearance I think. Hope you get a good grade!

Thanks man! Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I think I forgot to mention it above, but the chest area isn’t finished yet, but I’ll be working on it later today.

I was making the small monster on a computer at my school. I was out for a day when apparently, some fine gentleman decided to erase all my work. So the little monster is no more, but luckily, the Big Monster is on my home computer.

So I’m going to add more detail to the Big Monster, and give it some legs, because now I intend to make the whole movie about a big monster, with no little monsters running around. I can no longer call this a real cloverfield knockoff and live with myself at the same time.:spin::spin::spin:

Sorry to hear about the “fine gentlemen’s” work. Can’t wait till the movie though!! Good luck!

There is another shortcoming too. I was going to film it on a clear day (so I’ve got a solid blue sky to key out), and we’ve been having a long string of bad weather down here (near Austin, Texas). (And I am NOT going to rotoscope around a treeline!)