My Labyrinth... Please help!

Hello everyone!

This is my first Blender game and as you can see I have some problems:

First of all, the table game looks a bit weird. I make manually every edge… And that´s the point I think. Any ideas for an improvement?

Another problem comes with the ball. It´s floating in the table… I don´t know why.

Thanks for give it a try! and for any ideas. ^^^ :o


PosibleLaberintoX.blend (308 KB)

Well the way you’ve modeled the table, it looks like you used the fill command (shift-F) which, with smoothing on, will look a bit weird. If you notice, setting it back to solid (in the editbuttons, hit Set Solid) makes it look a little less weird. You mesh is just really badly designed from a 3d modeling standpoint. this would look fine with textures though, you’d hardly notice the difference.

Other than that though, you’ve got the right idea – starting small! And it looks like you’ve done a pretty good job.

One other thing is that your faces aren’t all facing outward (faces are, by default, one-sided). You can recalulate the normals to the outside by hitting ctrl-n, though it looks like your mesh doesn’t calculate correctly. For the sake of this, I’d make all of the faces twosided by selecting all of them, adding a UV layer (U) and then applying Twoside (Ctrl-F – facemode set – twoside – ok).

Thanks for your tips :wink:
But just one little question… How can I model the table game correctly? I use Fill command as you guess. I first make a lot of vertices in 2D (XY view) and then Extrude in the Z Axis. I think adding blocks for the walls could be better but I don´t know what to do with the holes…
Anyway… Thank you again! :slight_smile: