My lamp problem

Hi people! I have a problem with lighting for a lamp I am making for a room I am making. My lamp I am doing has really poor light to it, and I was wondering can someone help me make it so the glass tube part light up, and have it light up a small part of a room? I also don’t want to make it too bright either. I want it to light up like these lamps .



I can’t make out many details in the image you’ve attached.

Are the white bits glass? Is there a lamp inside? Are you using raytracing? What materials are you using on the glass, and the objects around?

If you attach a .blend we might be able to help more.

Yes the white bits are glass, and there are two lamps inside. I played with all the lamps there is and this was the best one. Also, I don’t know how to use raytracing (im a huge noob). I am going to put the lamp beside a TV and speaker setup. Do you want me to attach a picture of my room that is in progess? I also want a like a dull glass like in the picture, and I can’t find anything on that type of plastic or glass. So, I used frosted glass (I don’t really want this).

What rawpigeon is saying is he can help if you attach the blend file, which you may or may not be able to do if your account is new or unnaproved, check for manage attachments underneath wysiwig editor when you are editing your post (you might have to click Go advanced) To use raytracing go the the shader panel and material subpanel, look for tabs like Ray transparency, and turn it on. Also go to the world settings and turn on some Ambient Occlusion. But change it to approximate instead of Raytraced. It will take much longer but look much better! I will upload a renderscene for you to put your model in with some of these settings enabled and a basic light rig. To use your model in the scene just do file> append or link>browse to your blend and click inside it then>objects> and I think CTRL right click all your objects.


myrenderscene.blend (142 KB)

Maybe the setup I posted in another thread will give a good place to start:

Hope that helps!


Ok thanks! But I failed at posting my room. :o I found out I want sandblasted glass plus I want a lamp with a cylinder casing with a normal lightbulb type lighting to it. The lamps are going to be by the TV.

So this is my picture so far. I want to put a shelf with glass vases, cups, and other glass stuff on it in the corner. Also, that blue area, I want to fill that in using Blendigo (which I still need to find out how to use). That empty wall will be filled with some glass windows and maybe a wall. The TV will have speakers right beside it, plus have those lamps somewhat beside the speakers. Otherwise, what do you think of it so far?

BTW textures aren’t mine.


new room.blend (776 KB)