My landscape render

Hey, Blenderartists… I made a landscape with realistic grass in about 20 minutes with a render time of 5 minutes. I just thought I’d share it with you, as I felt that it turned out pretty nice :smiley:

you could use a little more foreground lighting, all I see is the sky and then black from there down.
maybe some subtle blue or violet light

It’s way too dark.

more light. use AO

Ok, thanks, I’ll brighten it up. I thought it was too dark, but then I thought since it was supposed to be in the morning that maybe it should be that dark… Right now I’m on my laptop, which doesn’t have the file on. I’ll fix it when I get on my computer…

I’ve been told many times that featureless darks and featureless whites are bad.

At the moment about 3/4 of your image is totally black.

If you’re going for a nice warm, sunset with a dark foreground, move your camera up and capture less of the featureless dark area at the bottom and more of the sky.

What I can actually see of the grass looks good, and the sky is superb. Good luck blending!

edit: Whoops you beat me to it. I took to long to write this book-length post.

lacking some global illumination… :wink:

morning?! Looks more like just after sunset…

to all who mentioned the brightness-
what it actually needs is backscattered light–light coming from the opposite direction from the sunrise
of course, a little AO wouldn’t hurt, either

Ok, you wanted light, you got it :smiley:

If you’re going for a strictly realistic look, the first image is more accurate.
However it doesn’t make for a very interesting image. You could get similar results by taking your sky picture and painting a horizon line and filling in the bottom half of the screen with black.

I kind of agree with Asano - I find that the grass that you are kind of focusing on, and want the viewer to kindwise isn’t that interesting to the eye. From an amatuer photographer’s/artists’ advice, please make the scene more “balanced”. The sharp contrast from the brilliant sunlight skies just don’t match the grass. You may wish to look at some meadow/hills photos to find what the picture is trying to emphasise. All the best for your next render and look forward to it!

micah, really nice images

Can you please tell me how you made your grass and sky? Is there a tutorial or video you followed.