My Laptop

Its a Studio Dell 1747.
I have the top part started right now. Hopefully I can pull this off, I want it to be pretty realistic.
I have a few keys on the keyboard to finish yet…

Looks great to me! You added a blender logo key…? :eyebrowlift:

Yeah, I replaced the windows key. I have made a point to put the blender Logo somewhere in my last couple projects so Im going to try and keep doing it.

Added a cat 5 port and the touchpad.

Moving along…

A couple more updates.

I completely rebuilt the side panel and added the markings

You’re working on this really quick!

Nice materials!

Another update…
I never realized how many things make up a laptop…

Started the other side panel. Ill put a memory card into the mem card slot and also a wireless mouse adapter in the usb slot on this side.

Looks really good.

Beautiful. I think the Ethernet port needs to be tad larger. can’t tell if the port is texture or geometry :open_mouth:

I scaled up the port a bit. All of the parts are geometry, none are images. The only images used are for the fonts and labels and also the plastic texture for the base.

looks good :slight_smile: The VGA socket looks a little narrow, i think it should be a little wider…but it might just be the camera angle

Started to work on the final lid.

Waouw! Nice job, and realistic!
And I’m a fan of the blender logo on the windows key :wink:

I completely rebuilt the lid…:spin:

A different view. Only minor changes made from the last one. I am going to start closing in the bottom next and finalizing the project.
I will be putting a pattern on the main body of the laptop also.
Suggestions are welcome.

Added a pattern…