My Last Post Here Was in '08

Hey everyone, I was digging through a list of old accounts and I realized I haven’t been hanging around forums for a long time! I used to lurk here all the time back when I first started with Blender and I learned a lot.

So I decided to rejoin and I found out my old account was still good! So I’m really glad this place is still here and so active, and that Blender has blown up the way it has.

The internet is crazy, man.


Welcome back! Man, Blender has changed a lot since 2008- you’re in for a lot of extremely awesome surprises :grin:

I still keep up with Blender (or at least I try to). I just haven’t been here at BA in forever.

Blender is always mad impressive, but I’m just impressed that BA is still around. A lot of the old Blender resources have just vanished. Blender Artists is one of the only forums from back then that is still going strong.

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@mr_machina In 2008 you might have used the 2.4 version?

Yep, that’s the old interface. Keyboard shortcuts were super essential!

There was no left click select… which I don’t mind, but it was so hard to get used to. Blender is sooooo much nicer to use now.