My last two works: UFO invasion to Brno and Freedom

Hi all.

My last two blender works (Blender, Yafaray, PS)


Both good, the second is stunning. I love the three bold bands of colour, the flowers glowing like embers, and the subtle paint texture in the sky.

pretty nice.
mind showing us the second one without the postpro?

@spacetug: Why would you want to see without the post pro? This is the finished projects section and the post pro is a key component of that and it looks awesome with it.

5* on the second pic - freaking amazing. Personally I found that first one left me a little cold, I think the post pro on the first image looks a bit too much like the sort of thing I knock out when I’m in a rush to get things finished.

The second one is awesome! The soft pascal colour scheme works well.

The first is good, but the road spec and stretched background throw it for me. But the UFO is wicked :slight_smile:

Keep it up :slight_smile:

The second one for sure. Great image. Not a fan of the first one but who cares.


thanks for comments.
spacetug:i rendered clay version and textures and postpro are in PS as Vyonyx(they work similar)

that first one is almost a perfect recreation of a dream i once had.


Really trippy and vivid - nice work!

In the first one the road and fence look unrealistic because of the post pro and it looks like the tower has a low res texture. The second one is great though 4 1/2 stars from me!