My lastest character

This is a guy I’ve been working on for awhile, off and on. It’s taking me so long since I’m trying to make a fully animatable char for a short avi.

Any criticism would be appreciated

From the looks of it, I see that you are already animating him. Kudos for that!


  • His shoulder spikes have jaggies, so please subsurf.
  • His right arm looks weird. It’s because of the armature, right? If it is, and you find a way to fix it, please let me know (I’m currently suffering from the same problem).
  • This is just nitpicking, but he’d look cooler with bigger ears (elfish ones, maybe).

I’m really looking foward to an animation from you!

Here’s an Elf I’m working on too

You’re right about the spikes, I made this before 2.25, so I had subsurf turned off as it slowed my interaction with the model. I am SO happy that the new version allows for render only subserf allocation.

Might just be the perspective, but I haven’t yet mastered the control armature technique…just read a very helpfull tut that will let me move one hand and have the arm, battle hammer and the other hand/arm move accordingly (like the old ika’s)

The ears are a b!tch, I made them smaller in this model to emphasize the head…I don’t think it worked, not to mention the waist looks REALLY small from this POV.

I hate to abandon this project, I imagine I need to convert it to 2.25 (just d/l 2.25 a month ago) with proper control aramtures.

One point I’m having problems with is the cape…I’d like to incorperate a wave-like movement, with touches of randomness. So far I’m doing it manually with armatures, if anyone has a simpler way I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for your feedback Smoky Joe

Aside-my Bull Terrier’s name was Smokin’ Joe

He looks pretty g-narly. I think there is a cloth script you might want to look into about that cape. Would be in the top thread in python and plugins if there is.