My Late Cretacious Mammal (WIP)

(Smerity) #1

I started modelling this guy a LONG time ago, and was unsuccessful.

I started again only 3 weeks ago and have almost finished now. All that is pending is to mirror his other side, do his eye, and do his texture.
(I’ve worked out a way to get rid of the Tripod banner :smiley: and once I get Iptic’s java applet working I’ll upload there)

I just have to say a GIANT thanx to everyone that helped and supported me, especially Natron and Neo, who helped me join it together (Literally! I had problems welding oops)

Soon I am going to create a texture for him, do his eyes, a scene for him and eventually animate him.

(Smerity) #2

I’ve now finished the eye, give me some input, cuz I don’t know how it makes him look:

(Jolly Gnome) #3

too toony… try finding some images of cows, that should give you good idea of the eye

(MoreK) #4

Hey that’s a great looking model. One suggestion: IMO the creature seems to be falling on his rump. It’s because of it’s front legs, maybe moving them back little bit and straightening them up would fix the illusion…

(dotblend) #5

the eyes should look sideways, instead of looking forwards…