My latest archviz project

(easydream) #1

Hello all!
Here is my latest archviz project. All is made with blender (modeling, rendering, video compositing, audio mixing) and gimp (texturing)


(scorpius) #2

The interior animation is well done. Did you use cycles? How long did it take to render all that?

(easydream) #3

Yes, rendered with cycles using denoise build from Lukas.

(MagicGlow) #4

Amazing work!! This is stunning. Just moving around quickly in all your rooms took 10 minutes. How long did the project take (excluding rendering)?

(easydream) #5

Thank you!

Client called in April, 16-th, and all was finished in July, 1-st. Rendering took 10 days on double GTX 980 ti.

(foxrender) #6

Excellent work. Regarding the rendering process, it should save a lot of time if use some render farm, while it is not that urgent work, it can wait.:ba:

(easydream) #7

well, renderfarm for this project will cost about $ 1000 and render all for one day, but client said that $ 1000 is too much for him. So i rendered it on my computer for $ 300 and for 10 days.

I think that Eevee will kill renderfarms in archviz industry. Actually denoiser makes rendering process up to 20 times faster so 1 frame is rendering for 4 - 6 minutes

(kikiriki) #8

Nice work!

(easydream) #9

kikiriki, thank you!

(Ninjabdou) #10

great work, which render farm was it, once I tought about renderfarms for a project, I sent the scene for test, a single render 4k for more than 200$, and the time was longer than it would have took me on my own computer
have you ever tried baking textures for such a work, there’s a blenderguru tutorial about that, and it’s an interior scene, or using the likes of unreal engine and unity, it takes less time

(jeannoth) #11

Absolutely gorgeous. And how impressive!
What was your starting point for modeling the interior? Blueprints, photos, …
Did you use a specific add-on to help with the modeling

(easydream) #12

Thank you! It was rendered om my computer on double 980 ti. I worked in parallel - so i made and had clients approve for 1 floor and i sent it on rendering on my second video card, and in parallel I was modeling the next floor - so for 1 week i modeled and approved the next floor and the previous was rendered. At least i needed to render only 1 floor and it was ready for 4 days on double 980 ti. All project took about 55 days in total including rendertime. Denoise makes rendring with cycles up to 20 times faster…

(odd.prism) #13

Excellent work. But do you think you’re underpaid for such huge amount of work?

(easydream) #14

But do you think you’re underpaid for such huge amount of work?

well in total this job costed to client more than $5000, so i think that payment for this job was accurate

(easydream) #15

Thank you! There was no any special addons, and client provided drawings for each floor. And also client provided a pack of images - just to clarify how they need interiors to look like.

Спасибо )