My latest Character! Heelp me! ;) (Hint: It's a GIRL)


I’m back! Now with a character that I’m having some problems with! I’d be very happy to hear your ideas! My goal is to reach a similar quality level as my latest character! (If not better ;))

Here it is:

I feel something is off! The hair is off, any ideas how to fix? Please go nuts and gently tell me what it is! Very grateful for ideas! (Note: The body is temporary, I need help with the face. This is a work in progress and not necessarily the final render!)

Thanks! (If you want more pictures just mention it!)

I like her very much, she is cute and a bit cheeky.

Hair is not off to me, I would experiment with some clamping, and some curl, radial, wave etc., the hairstyle is basically fine though.

What can be improved imho are the ears, their internal arch is too pronounced, I have difficulty explaining myself, sorry.
Also, the eye orbits have a gap on the top, and I would add a hint of eyelids both top and bottom.

EDIT: Try to shorten the eyebrows a little and to increase the amount of children on them.

Keep up the gooooood work!!!


She looks too male to me. Can’t pinpoint the main culprit for that so it probably is a combination of things

  • Big bushy eyebrows vs. thin curved brows with thin hair
  • No eyelashes
  • Shape of the eyes. They’re exaggerated but give a squarish feel
  • Lips are somewhat flat and the upper lip might not be prominent enough

The hair. There probably isn’t enough of it and it’s quite uniform. The uniform color and changes at the base of the hair also makes it look like the hair is dyed.

I like what you have so far. Just curious - exactly what do you need the mesh/image for?

Interesting guys! Thanks for the responses!
Current stage:

It’s a personal project! Not intended for anything special!

The only things really off about the hair that I can see is the fact it has no gloss on it at all, and there’s no color variation along it’s length. It’s much too soft. Most hair has a gloss to it. If you’re using hair cards, plug the anistropic shader (not surei f it counts a shader, exactly? might be an input) in between the glossy and the cards, and rotate the mapping until you get what you like. For color variation on hair cards, you could possibly add a gradient or cloud texture, provided you warp it vertically well enough.

If you’re using strands, it should look anistropic by default when you add the glossy. You can add color variation with the is strand node and a color ramp. It even accepts transparency, so there won’t be any loss to your nice wispy tips.

The eyebrows could stand to be a bit denser. Unless the eyebrows are supposed to be sparse, you won’t see that much of the skin through them.

There’s still a huge gap between the eyeball and the eyelids, especially towards the nose on the upper area. If it’s giving you trouble, use a shrinkwrap on the eyelids (you can use a vertex group to specify strength if you don’t want it to match the eyeball shape exactly, the modifier respects weight paint).

The eyes need a catchlight, or they tend to look a bit dead. You wouldn’t have that problem here, if they were glossier, like they were wet. I’m aware this is a stylization, so you could probably comprimise by only adding gloss to the iris and pupil?

The lips could use some gloss, as well, for reasons of wetness, but this certainly isn’t a make-or-break.

The expression, now, could use some work. The lips are fine, but the eyebrows should be doing something other than resting neutral.

Have you worked on it since then ? I like the character and I think it deserves to be finished. The advice you got is right. I would add that you definitely need to add anatomical detail on the area around the eyes (eyelids, eyelashes, etc…). The eyes are the window to the soul, so they’re the most important part (although it’s best to treat everything at the highest level of importance of course).

Thanks for the encouraging words! I haven’t paid much attention to this one since I had quite some problems with it. Would be interesting to hear if more people want me to finish it. Who knows, if enough people encourage me I might do it! :wink:

Hey man, I like where this is at, and I think you’re really close to something cool.

I agree with some of the advice above, and I would add that I think the mouth is a little off, the lower lip should pull back under the upper lip at the edges a little more. But I agree that the eyes are hurting it the most… not that they need a lot of work, but at the moment, they’re a little uncomfortable, and it’s throwing off the rest of the face.

I took the liberty of doing a little paintover to show. check it:

That’s my 2cents. Sometimes you gotta move on, but if you ever come back to this one, I think it’s not that far off. :slight_smile:

Agree width that, its the first thing where people look at, the eyes.
As for the hair, only the ending is not that ideal. copy your blend file and comb some variations.
Personally i wonder why non realisitc characters should have realisitc hair… maybe try a bit thicker then normal hair

I think that they are vying for the professional animated studio look like Pixar and Illumination.

She’s very cute! I think eyelashes would help and neatened and thinned eyebrows.