my latest few models, normalmap-related.

Hoping for a proper normalmapping pipeline for blender, both rendering and creating.

zbrush on the first model.

I want to know in detail, and that will help the other people to get the right way as u think. What about the female head? can u show the other side of the model or give the .blend if you want.
I like your work…

Did you remove the image? im not seeing it or any link to it…

marlox, I’m not quite sure what you mean, you want to see more angles of it?

Highcommander, it should still be there, are you have any problems with imageshack?

Ready for a lowpoly mesh now, then I’ll create the normal and rest of the maps.

yah imageshack was blocked on the pc i was on, im good now! WOW i reallly like that female head with the goggles on! she hot for some reason even with the horns :stuck_out_tongue: would u be willing to share that blend with me? im new to blender and i like to look and alter the meshes to see how they work?

nonetheless Awsome work man, the best buff ive seen on the forums to date!!

I could upload it, but I can’t seem to attach blenderfiles.

U did a very skillfull work of the female head. I want to learn about ur simple meshing of the head. Please sent the .blend file so that i can able to learn more from u [email protected] and must tell how u started the model first and what reference u took to modeling it. It is murvelious. I think this thread will teach everybody for a great mesh work. I want to know more about ur work and of u also… Great Work…


The normal map for the horns looks great. Out of curiousity how long is the render times for the horns, and at what level of subsurf are they at? I look forward to seeing how the normal maps turn out on the face. Although a demon face would have much more interesting wrinkles than a smooth faced girl ;_

I’m really really digging this. :0 Such a smooth clean looking mesh, would love to see a front and side shoots of the head with wires if possible please! :slight_smile:

Also love the normal mapping, never done it my self but looks cool.

Elderon… If you send me the blend file I can host it on my website if you would like…

Great work. What render?

pm me your email adress zog34.

It’s the blender-renderer with ambient occlusion.