my Latest head (update the Final head 23nov)

here is my Latest head. I can say that im somehow proud whit it. from the begnning my loopcuts was not that good, but i fix them. well next time they will be better since ive done the research:)) So what do you think?

  1. the ears look horrid.

  2. the skin shader looks horrid.

nice job ears aerent horrid they are quite good, but i must agree, ur attemtp on the material is quite orrid… keep workin on the shader less spec, and make the light diffuse rather than reflect


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negroid head from right? his ear is more round/full.
yes ears… combine harvester accident? j/k
otherwise the basic head shape is good, except:
top lip looks too flat
nose:blend nostrals into the nose more, less bulb like, widden the ridge.
your almost there, the ears and nose and a less hidious shader :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply`s
The ears are differеnt for sure i thought that every human got differеnt ears and so they
dont mach his actual shape on purpose. well i made them like that /hehe/
the shader i played whit the toon shaders, but am gonna uv map him
lol i guess i have to learn gimp cause i dont know mach about it
Zenitor u are right its him.
“nose:blend nostrals into the nose more, less bulb like, widden the ridge.”
what do u me== give examples

now eyes and teeth and a head tweek. tongue in progress
how is now? :smiley:

Samuel L. Jackson! The teeth are too cartoony for the figure and large. Also the eyelids are kind of strange shaped. They look like they don’t wrap around the eyeball that well.

well and here it is the final head!
2 parts of the head not yet connected