My Latest Project (Relic realms). "Fixed"

Hi Blender Artist Forum :p.

It’s been awhile since I started another Blender project so I decided to start a quick one just for fun again called (Relic realms) ^_^. But I am having 1 problem right now that is bothering me and I don’t know how to fix it. As you can see I’ve uploaded 4 screen shots of my game “Links are all the way at the bottom” and all of them are good except for the fourth screen shot. For some odd reason the ground is original color on all screen shots but when your character (Camera) heads of to far from the center grid the entire ground turns black (Or the color the Mist is set as)? But this only happens when it has the Mist turned on. I’ve tried to fool around but no luck yet any ideas what I may be able to do?

Note “I am using Blender 2.45

Screen Shot_1

Screen Shot_2

Screen Shot_3

Screen Shot_4

Small Updates :

Screen Shot_1

Screen Shot_2

Screen Shot_3

~ Thanks in Advance - Death


Screen shots look great.
I have never come across your problem before, you could try updating blender though.

Hi. Nice texturing. Why are you using 2.45? There is a lot of bugs and memory leaks in Blender 2.45, which are solved in Blender 2.46 - Go for 2.46 :).

Anyway, keep it up.

Hi Death, :wink:
You have good atmosphere in your game.
This problem of yours is caused by the Mist indeed. That is because as far as I know, the mist works and depends of the main grid layer of blender.
You can solve this problem by moving your entire scene a little above or under this layer.
Just experiment a bit.
REiKo Rhoemer…in fact 2.46 have more bugs than 2.45.
2.45 and maybe some Apricot builds are relatively stable when I did some tests with them…and 2.45 have memory leak fix.

Nice work. I look forward to seeing more.

why not use the latest version of blender?

I appreciate everyone helping out ^_^. And Thank you and I fixed the problem. :). But I did a small update changed the sky etc… here are the links to the new screen shots :

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Screen Shot_1

Screen Shot_2

Screen Shot_3

Or you can just view the first post.


What’s going on with the trees in these areas?


What is the first object from scene ? :smiley:

Screenies look AWESOME! I’d use CLIP ALPHA to fix that problem they posted, and not plain ALPHA. Worked for me.

nice screenshot !

Maybe you should use a low poly 3d trunk and 2d branches

Anyway keep blendering !


Nice Job death, Keep it up!

Definitly make a 3d trunk and some branches based on your trees. then use billboarding to keep them facing camera.

You put all that work into everything else might as well spend some polys and make your trees a little better.


Looks AWESOME!!!:eek:

You really have a great sense of atmosphere. Texture work is great. Besides the alpha problems the trees also look pretty sweet. Can’t wait for more updates!

| Sanguine |

Nice work! I think the bushes are good in 2D but the trees should definitly be 3D. From my experience bilboarding textures will only seem realistic for small things like grass patches and bushes and flowers. I’ve done trees that way before too and it dose not look good in gameplay. Sorry for all the crit! other than that thought it looks totaly awsome! keep it up!

Definitely looks good, nice texturing. I’d recommend a little variation in the ferns though, size them up and down randomly. Also, I’d recommend varying your terrain a bit too. You’re welcome to use any of the assets in THIS thread to enhance your outdoor scene.

Looking good mate :wink: Distinctively reminds me of Zelda XD Which is always good :slight_smile: Do you have a story in mind?

Hey everyone since my current design (First Design) was not a big hit I decided to take the time to put in bit more effort into it and change it around :p. So please comment on these new screen shots here :




(Planning on making it into a town now ?)

~ Thank You - Death

You got talent there! I say, I can’t wait to play this!
Try to get some shadowing! :wink:

your the man
me to, can`t wait to try it out