My Latest Project

This took a lot of tweaking, and I took some risks with style/post-processing. This render veers more towards abstract than realism, but I guess it’s also kind of sci-fi…
I dunno, check it out. Blender and Photoshop. Hope it’s not too dark on your monitor.

I see you hiding there in the corner.
I like most of this, the things I don’t like are the wire things would have some light at least on on side as the machinery is giving off a far amount of light.
I think the background building could be more industrial & darker, smoke stacks or a chimney to liven/darken it a bit. The contrast is just not quite right.
The Machinery is great, reminds me a little of ed.
Very good piece overall.

Yeah, lol, that guy was a last minute addition.
You’re right about the wires, maybe I could add some depth to them with lighting…
The original idea behind the buildings is that they’re kind of far away, with a hazy mist-effect, but I like your idea of making them darker.
Reminds you of ed?? Ok, I’ll take that as a compliment, but strangely I didn’t even have that in mind:confused:. (I guess I did it subconsciously:D)
Very good crits, thanks for the response.

I am reminded of ED as well :yes:

I like the style. 4 stars from me.


nice, it reminds me of sauron.