My latest render

here it is. i’ve been using blender for 1 year now. this is what i’m capable of.

Any way you could render it not so dark to see some of the detail of the bike, looks really cool though I can see some issue with it. The tred on the tires should be modeled, or UVmapped with a disp/nor map. It also looks as if the canopy or windshield is extending into the front tire. Other then that it’s a great rendition of the Akira bike! 8)

It looks like a white square with a tiny red X in the middle.

I gotta agree with SPIN there i can’t see the picture at all

Yeah, the link is broken.

click the x and open in a new window and it works fine, at least that’s how I got it to open.

Khnum had some good critisism, but for the record that looks nothing like the Akira motorcycle.

The model looks very simple. More details and using subsurf creases and higher subsurf levels would have really helped.

Another strange thing about it is its scale, it looks way to small to even fit a child in there, compared to the size of the sidewalk. This is especially noticable since there is a large negative space (cut out area) below the cockpit. I hope you can see what I mean.

I didn’t mean that it was “the” akira bike, just had the same feel to it, though the seat is enclosed and there are other differences, it just reminded me of it. :slight_smile:

I am still learniing a thing or two in blender.

:smiley: we all are don’t worry!

Can’t see anything.